About the boat


Designer: Paul Gartside   Builder: Jespersen Boat Builders

Year built/launched: 2012   Place built: Sidney, BC, Canada

Hull type: Monohull   Style of boat: Sailing boat

Sails: Hasse & Co Port Townsend Sails

Description of boat: Cruising yawl La Vie en Rose is a double-ended cruising sailboat, inspired by the canoe yawls of the 19th century, but capable of coastal and offshore cruising.

Between 2005 and 2008, we collaborated with designer Paul Gartside to develop our ideal cruising sailboat. Six sets of preliminary sketches passes back and forth until we settled on the current design. In 2010, Eric Jespersen of Sidney, BC, Canada began construction, and we launched her in September 2012.

The hull is cold molded of Western Red Cedar over a Douglas Fir backbone. Decks are marine plywood. The yawl rig with double headsails provides a flexible, easily handled sail plan. Since bulkheads are not required structurally, we chose an open, single cabin layout below. The interior is designed to maximize livability and storage space rather than the number of berths.

Le Vie En Rose

Auxiliary power is provided by a 55-hp Volvo diesel 4 cylinder engine

We attempted to maintain simple systems. Heating and cooking are fueled by diesel. Electrical requirements are minimal – there is no mechanical refrigeration, only an ice box. A composting head eliminates the need for holding tanks and thru-hulls. Generous tankage (140 gallons of water and 140 gallons of fuel) has allowed us to explore remote areas for prolonged periods without outside support.

Le Vie En Rose

An article about the creative process and our collaboration with the designer and builder appeared in the January/February 2018 issue of WoodenBoat Magazine (#260)

8 thoughts on “About the boat

  1. What a gorgeous streamlined boat. You look like you’ll take to the nautical life very well!! Great description of your boat and beautiful pictures of the country. Can’t wait to know more of your adventures.


  2. What a beautiful boat, and the photographs are wonderful. Kind of sorry to see that your pacific crossing has been delayed, but wonderfully optimistic that our paths may cross again soon. Beckon will begin her adventure south this August, in virtually the same footprint as your proposed voyage. Hope to see you out there!

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    1. That’s great news!! We would love to continue to cross paths. There is an excellent downloadable PDF on the Ba Ha Ha-Ha site ( through Latitude 38, I believe ) called First Timers Guide to cruising Mexico. The resources are well organized and comprehensive


  3. Are you guys going to be around for Port Townsend or do you plan to be south of there by early September?

    I am trying to decide when to leave Anacortes, and considering the first good weather window after the middle of August. Seems a little early compared to what I have read, but I don’t want to feel like I am on any schedule and need to hurry.

    I will probably go as far as San Francisco, and then come back to Montana for a week or two if necessary. Otherwise I will likely continue to So. Ca. I have an in at Huntington Harbor so will park the boat there until ready to leave for San Diego.



    1. I think we are going to shoot for mid August over waiting until after WB festival. Met some boat buddies here on West Coast VI- they are doing CoHoHo and leaving mid Aug. like you we will try to find a secure place to leave boat in SF, and fly home for replenishments


  4. Great update. So happy for you that you are “gunk holing” the island. We have been doing the same in the Broughtons. This is our first wifi connection in two weeks. Lots of wind in the inside straits, as you probably have been hearing on the marine weather network. We have had a pretty tranquil time of it as we are well to the east up the fiords.


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