Altering course

Many of you may have heard of our ambitious plan to sail across the Pacific this summer. After delays out of control of any one individual, it became clear that we just didn’t have enough time to make it safely across the Pacific. We listened to the wisdom of experienced sailors. ( Many thanks to our nautical guardian angels: Garry and Ticki MacKenzie of S/V Thistle, Bill and Cathy Norrie of S/V Pixie, Leighton Richardson and Lynda Martel of S/V Morningstar, Bruce Halabisky of S/V Vixen, and Pamela Bendall of S/V Precious Metal.) Our new plan holds plenty of sailing challenges and beautiful areas to explore. Thank you for following our sailing journey. Here’s the latest iteration of our planned journey:

2 thoughts on “Altering course

  1. You two are remarkable!!! This looks like a wonderful journey to be on. Fun, but challenging!! Have a great and safe time and know we are wishing you well! We are getting closer to our journey around the country in the portable studio apartment! Have some months of work yet at PRN for both of us!!! Love Yous!!!!

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