Away we go!

Just as in life, our plans for this adventure have taken different shapes along the way. But now it’s time to cast off the lines. As much as we eagerly await to see what unfolds next, we also cherish the friendships and time we have spent at Canoe Cove Marina in Sidney, BC. We will certainly miss Bryan and Bonita Elliott of S/V Magellan II who convinced us in 2012 that this was the place we should stay. They welcomed us the day our boat launched and were there to see us off at our departure. They have represented the best of Canadian hospitality, even including us in their Canada Day block party and Thanksgiving. Farewell also to Rick Schnurr and Jude Brooks whose generosity, kindness and friendship has been most appreciated.

And of course we will miss our marina neighbor to the port side, Paul Switlyk of M/V Taliesin II with whom we have shared many lovely adventures both at sea and on land. Fortunately, through his daughter and son in law, he’s got some solid Utah connections, so we know our farewell is limited.

Nonetheless, this photo sent by Paul the night of our departure really tugged at our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Away we go!

  1. Miss you already! But, we head out tomorrow morning so, we may cross tracks between CC and the north island.


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