Cruising the Inside Passage

Since our cruising goal this season is to concentrate on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, we’re quickly ( for a sailboat) moving up the inside passage. Despite this focus, we’ve relished stopping at our favorite anchorages and marinas along the way. Our first day was a brief skip up to Clam Bay, Penelakut Island where we were able to share a lovely evening with Rick Schnurr and Jude Brooks. Boat buddies add so much to the joy of cruising.

After Clam Bay, we sailed from Nanaimo up to Tribune Bay, Hornby Island. For those of you who are BC sailors, you know what a coup it is to get a southerly wind to carry a sailboat northbound. And riding the current made it even better! Love being powered by wind and water. Honestly, this photo was really taken in BC…could be the Caribbean. (Guess the snow-capped mountains in background are a giveaway)

With the prediction of incoming gale force northerlies, we joined many other wise boaters who stopped the next day at the welcoming Comox marina. The stop also allowed us to explore the charming town of Courtenay the following day. It was an added treat to discover the Cake Bread Bakery. As if the bakery didn’t provide enough opportunity for temptation , the adjacent gourmet chocolate shop, Hot Chocolate doubled down on caloric sin.

In the Comox marina our mast was visited by this well known symbol:

Our next stop at Campbell River was purely utilitarian: we were trying to troubleshoot an issue with our radar. After receiving expert advice from SeaCom marine ( Furono dealer) we realized that the problem was that our radar was installed off 180 degrees. Now that we know to alter our perception of reality ( no politics in this blog…) we’re all set. Just look left instead of right! Or vice versa…

Once the gale abated, we coasted through Seymour Narrows at slack, and cruised up Johnstone Strait. (Once again aided by the current push of 2+ knots). All of our previous trips up this strait have been marked by strong winds from the northwest, accompanied by choppy waves. On this trip, the water was so calm that we could enjoy the gorgeous glacier cut mountains along the way.

For our anniversary, we tucked into a lovely little anchorage in Port Harvey and enjoyed the best sunset ever!

So next we are headed to Port McNeill before we position at a Bull Harbour awaiting the weather window to head around Cape Scott and onto the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Once we get to the West Coast, we will be limited to posting pictures to places with cell coverage. We’ll also be able to post more on Twitter through our Iridium Go hotspot, so follow us on Twitter @LaVieEnRoseYawl.

2 thoughts on “Cruising the Inside Passage

  1. Wow. We are happy for you but also concerned since we have your charts and books! How are you getting around?


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