No fear explorations of the “wild” West Coast Vancouver Island

After my last post featured unrealized fear and dread, we have come to embrace the variety of conditions along the West Coast. It’s also made us appreciate how much emotional energy goes into fearfulness. Now we have confidently sailed past the next sailing landmark of Cape Cook around the Brooks peninsula.

In addition to embracing the rolling swells of the Pacific, we’ve also loved exploring the inlets along the coast. British Columbia has designated many of these lands as marine parks. Kayakers go to great extremes to get to these destinations. This kayaker is being lowered into Walter’s Cove by the Uchuck III. This ship does triple duty: delivers goods to remote villages without land access, shows tourists this pristine area, and transports kayakers into the wilderness. ( They are conveniently retrieved the following week!)

All of the sounds have isolated anchorages that allow us to be out of the strong winds. This was taken in Dixie Cove, another provincial marine park. The stand up paddle board was even mobilized.

Another great advantage of the inlets is the westerly wind that blows in and allows us to propel LaVieEnRose using only the drifter.

Look who is loving all of this! ( someone had to take the pic…but include both of us in that sentiment)

Nuchatlitz Marine Park

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