And we’re off! v2.0

After completing boat maintenance, cleaning and reseating the leaky deck prisms, we left our lovely marina headed to points south. This may be the last photo of LaVieEnRose at Canoe Cove, but then again…

We are joined on this leg of the journey by a good friend, Alex Zimmerman. Dave and he have known each other through the Wooden Boat forum.

Of course, the optimal time for departure from Canoe Cove was dawn. This journey promises plenty of sunrises, just not associated with marinas.

Even the Strait of Juan de Fuca decided not to inflict punishment. Here’s a photo as we left Port Angelas.

After Port Angelas, the next stop is Neah Bay ( where I am furiously typing before we are out of cell coverage) This is the last stop where the crew can all sleep through the night. Then we turn the corner around Cape Flattery! I may post more to Twitter via Iridium Go, but there won’t be any pics uploaded. You can follow our location on the link titled, Where is LaVieEnRose? You can also follow us on Twitter at @LaVieEnRoseYawl. Next post will likely be from SF!

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