Another course change

After our fabulous trip down the coast to San Francisco, it would be anticipated that we would continue our cruise down the coast. Yet we have been embraced by the kindness of many enthusiastic sailors in the SF Bay. We’ve also been thrilled to introduce the boat to both our Bay Area kids as well as curious grandchildren. So, SF Bay will be LaVie’s home for the winter and then we’ll continue southbound.

Samantha and Emily are learning all about berths and lee cloths

How great is this? More nooks to explore!

We have been able to experience the excitement of sailing underneath the Golden Gate aboard the gorgeous schooner, Elizabeth Muir. With her gifted skipper, Peter Haywood, at the helm, we zipped throughout the Bay in the typical 20 knot breeze. It was terrific to spend the day with our nautical guardian angels, Leighton Richardson and Lynda Martel aboard a classic schooner.

Photo credit: Lynda Martel

So, for now this blog will pause for the cruising season, and resume when we explore points south. Thanks to all of you who have been following us. Stay tuned!

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