To the West Coast of Vancouver Island: around dreaded Cape Scott

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” Many of you who know me well have heard me utter that phrase. Preparing to cross around Cape Scott, where the waters can be treacherous, filled us with dread. This began the part of our journey into bluewater cruising. We read and reread every guidebook, and double checked the tide charts. Our anchorage at Bull Harbour allowed us to be close to the Nahwitti Bar which is must be crossed in the 12 minutes of high water slack. You would think that this peaceful anchorage would give calm the night before our crossing. But of course, that wasn’t the case.

As we exited Bull Harbour, we noticed this natural sculpture. Smiling or leering?!

After all the anticipation, we realized that we caught the perfect weather window to pass Cape Scott. We raised the all the sails and slid past Cape Scott. Once again, we embraced another valuable lesson in our sailing journey! Now onto Sea Otter Cove.

2 thoughts on “To the West Coast of Vancouver Island: around dreaded Cape Scott

  1. Hi Rosemary, I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures. I need to submit Class Notes by Friday and would love to write about your travels. Is there something you could send me or could I take some information from your blog. My email is below. Mary Anne Kennedy Reilly


    1. Thanks so much Mary Anne. You are welcome to use the blog contents. This area has limited internet access, but we do have email through our sat phone. Would you send me your email address to the satellite enabled address? Then I can send you more details


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